We are a company dedicated to responsible tourism with a vision to support and encourage the correct way to use nature as a tourist destination without affecting our ecosystem by promoting various projects with ecological impact

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welcome to the peruvian rainforest where you will be able to enjoy and experience the  most beautiful part of IQUITOS,CUSCO and The AYAHUASCA 

About Pacaya Samiria 

The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is a protected area of ​​Peru located in the Loreto Region, the Peruvian Amazon. With an area of ​​2 080 000 ha, it is the largest National Reserve in Peru, the second protected natural area in the country and the fourth protected area in all of South America.

What Travellers Most Prefer.

All our tours are carefully customized and flexible. During the programs we visit and learn about the local populations, have day and night hikes in the seek of wild animals


Amazon Experience                     3 days 2 nights 
Yarapa Community Reserve

We very much enjoyed our trip, getting to see so many birds, animals and reptiles in just three days. My favorite experience was holding a baby sloth, but swimming with dolphins, seeing the monkeys, and eating exotic fruits from the trees as all great fun.


Animals Protectors.

4 days 3 nights Pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Pucate river

An exquisite and unique jungle experience in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Large variety of wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

Day and night excursions to enjoy the amazon rainforest in the best way


Monkeys Lovers

3 days 2 nights Amazon Tours & Expedition

An exquisite and unique jungle experience deep on the amazon                   

 variety of wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

Day and night excursions to enjoy the amazon rainforest in the best way

Amazon Discovery                        4 days 3 nights | 
Yarapa Community Reserve

Among all the animals I wanted to see in the jungle, the jaguar was the one I badly wanted to see. Unfortunately it was not possible. Just saw the footprint of it. But we got to see an ocelot in a big tree. I think that was very exciting. It was eating something. Probably some kind of bird.

peru amazon wild

Little Tortles Freedon

5 days 4 nights Pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Pucate river

Great experience! We saw a lot of wild animals including dolphins, monkeys, a sloth, a python, and many eagles. Great service from this company. I would highly recommend this company. Just remember to bring your raincoat or rain jacket, rubber boots, head lamps, and lots of mosquito repellents.


Wooly expeditions

4 days 3 nights Amazon Tours & Expedition

get a beautiful experience on the amazon full of eildlife activities and enjoy on the beautifull programs full of discovering,

Amazon Full Days

Full Day Rio Amazonas

Just one day in Iquitos? Looking for a tour in the Amazon but do not have much time? Observing pink dolphins and swimming in the Amazon River are experiences that should not be missed if you are in Iquitos. Enjoy the Amazon rainforest with us!