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All our tours are carefully customized and flexible. During the programs we visit and learn about the local populations, have day and night hikes in the seek of wild animals, experience and life changing

Amazon retreat

Durations: 7 days 

Traditional: Healing Center

amazon retreat/machu picchu expedition 

Durations: 14 days

Traditional: Expeditions

Amazon retreat

4 ayahuasca

1 Kambo ceremony

1 NuNu cemony

Durations: 9 days

Traditional: Healing

Amazon retreat & jungle lovers

Traditional: Healing Center

Durations: 8 days 

Amazon retreat & jungle adventure


Healing Center  & experience.

Durations: 10 days 

Amazon retreat/National reserve

Traditional: Healing Center

Durations: 10  days 

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We are a company dedicated to responsible tourism with a vision to support and encourage the correct way to use nature as a tourist destination without affecting our ecosystem by promoting various projects with ecological impact