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14 Days Amazon ayahuasca & machu picchu expeditions

From 3600 USD

This spiritual journey is our most exciting expeditions , as it offers the best of both peru sites and eperience for those who don’t want to miss out on Machu Picchu and a Huachuma (San Pedro) plant medicine ceremony while in Peru, connecting to the Ayahuasca, Nunu (Rape’), and Kambo (Frog Medicine) ceremonies in the jungle. Experience the most beautiful sites of the inkas place (cusco)  with a small and like-minded group of co-travelers. then enjoying the beautiful jungle of the Amazon, Integrate your ceremonies with one-on-one and group conversations with our translator and Shamans, and round out the healing process with yoga classes, sound therapy, floral baths and guided meditations.

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Regarded by many of our guests as ‘the experience of a lifetime,’ this 14 day pilgrimage across Peru allows for intercultural exploration with an immersive journey to the Sacred Valley and the Amazon rainforest, experiencing the ancient traditions of both Incan and Shipibo cultures. Experience the sacred healing power of plant medicines, awaken to your inner truth through witnessing and exploring the beautiful natural Andean landscape and the rich flora and fauna of the Amazon jungle, and cultivate a sense of mindfulness and appreciation for yourself as part of it all.


This retreat is a combination of two weeks at our respective centers, the first week will be spent in our Amazon center.

At yaku spiritual Center in the Amazon Jungle, we work closely with our tribes shamans and our staff of healers to bring you a comprehensive program deeply rooted in the traditional practices of indigenous medicine. We offer a safe, caring, and effective space to begin your journey of transformation, helping you every step of the way as you uncover the energetic roots of any trauma, negative thought patterns, unhealthy habits, or spiritual imbalance. Our carefully constructed program optimizes your healing by incorporating Eastern and modern philosophies for long-term integration into a modern world. Following your time with us at yaku, you will return to life back home with a new perspective and a deeper understanding of yourself and your truth, and will be equipped with the skills and tools necessary to integrate your experience into your everyday life

Our program for the first week is in our bequtiful place in the jungle based in our sacred plant medicine

ceremonies. We work mainly with 3 different medicines for this retreat: Nunu (Rape’), Kambo (Frog Medicine), and Ayahuasca. W/optional Sapo (Toad Medicine). you can deep experince the local way of healing.

The Nunu (Rape’) ceremony takes place the night you arrive, conducted by a shaman of the Matses tribe, where the medicine originates. Cleanse and open the nasal passages, heal the sinuses and awaken your sense of smell to the surrounding jungle. Energetically ground yourself to the world around you, clear the mind and open your third eye to begin your work with the medicines.

Prior to each Ayahuasca ceremony in the Jungle, we offer floral baths, which help to cleanse your energetic fields and connect you with the plants we work with. We’ll also discuss your intentions and your ideal outcomes from your experience. Our Shipibo shamans and local shaman will guide you as you begin your healing journey and integrate your intentions into the personalized icaros (songs of the plants) that they sing directly to you during the ceremony.

All this is done in the native Shipibo dialect, passed down through our lineage of Shamans from generation to generation. This time-honored tradition has a far-reaching ancestral legacy of plant spirit shamanism, in which the knowledge and healing energies of the plants are transmitted through the icaros sung in ceremony in order to heal a wide range of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments.  With their rich cultural history and expansive knowledge of medicinal plants of the Amazon, our loving tribe of “light workers” cleanse and purify the space and set the stage for truly profound and deeply healing work

The morning after each ceremony provides an opportunity to share your experience with the Shamans and the group, which can help you gain clarity, integrate your lessons, and set your intention for the next ceremony. While all activities are completely optional, we find that sharing your experience and learning from others’ ceremonies can be a vital and extremely profound part of the healing process. Many guests claim that the new perspectives gained during group shares were as powerful as the ceremonies themselves. Nevertheless, private consultations with Shamans and facilitators are possible for more sensitive healing or issues that feel too personal to share with the group. At the Center, we also have a bilingual facilitators and a local female shaman on staff, so both male and female guests can easily find an understanding female ear for more sensitive conversations

Kambo (frog venom) is a powerful medicine that cleanses the entire body to prepare you for your Ayahuasca experience. Reset your immune system, help heal chronic pain and inflammation, and experience the benefits of over 100 different rich and complex compounds shown to treat a wide variety of ailments including pain, addiction, and depression. Our same Matses Shaman gives you individualized care during this ceremony to ensure a safe and fulfilling experience with this potent and powerful medicine.

After a week experiencing our Ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon, you will fly from Iquitos to Cusco  to begin to explore the Sacred Valley sites p. Our place is nestled in the mountains on the expansive banks of the Urubamba river, high in the Andes Mountains. You will be working with traditional plant medicines and local expert guides to bring you this unique offering that spans the spectrum of what it means to experience Peru. We are honored to be your tours lider that offers the diversity and depth of specialized knowledge our team passionately provides

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our loving staff of facilitators and healers. Then, after a good night’s sleep and wake feeling refreshed and revitalized to begin your work with the medicines

San Pedro, or Huachuma as it is called in Quechua.   San Pedro is a gentle and loving medicine, filled with warmth and light. This ceremony is done during the day, so you’ll have the chance to step outside and bask in the beautiful landscape, both within and without.  Those who work with this medicine describe the essence of the experience to be an opening of consciousness and connection to the oneness all around us, of which we are all a part. Through this opening and connection, the ability to release and heal on all levels, including physical, is presented. We are honored to provide this medicine for you in its native land, the Andean mountains, and help you integrate the experience in a loving and grounded way. Through the work of both Ayahuasca and San Pedro, in addition to our other therapies, our guests find a balanced and deeply effective healing experience

One of the best parts of our Sacred Valley Spiritual center, is the abundance of nature and the myriad of opportunities to reconnect to it. Throughout your stay with us, you’ll have the chance to experience the full bounty that Pachamama offers us in the beautiful Peruvian countryside. We understand that working with the medicines isn’t always easy, as we are sometimes brought face-to-face with parts of ourselves we have avoided for so long. This is important work, and necessary for true healing, and so we find that balancing this effort with opportunities to decompress, play, and connect with others in our slice of paradise translates to a more effective and fulfilling healing journey. As we begin to more fully open ourselves up to love and our true selves, a clear truth is revealed: Put simply, life is about love and connection – to ourselves, to others, and to the Earth. It is our sincerest joy to offer you the opportunities that can guide you deeper into this truth for yourself, in whatever unique way that is for you.

And so, with the mountains as our backdrop, explore and play in Mother Nature’s playground. Take a trip to the little town and cultural hub of Pisac, where you’ll find a vibrant market with all manner of gifts, colorful foods, and sometimes even cultural dance performances. Or, trek 45 minutes from our Center through fields, farms, and other country beauties to Maras, where we will find the famous Pre Incan Salt mines.


this unforgetable experience start in cusco the first 7 days, matching the group of the amazon ayahuasca retreat at kapitari the next week. it does not matter if you are not intereting in both of the tours you can always book any of your preference the

price for the

amazon ayahusca retreat is 800USD 

retreat in machu picchu  is 1650USD 



The World Travel Peru

The following is a list of equipment that should be considered in your packing list for your amazon ayahuasca and machu picchu expedition

All luggage, food and supplies are transported by our staff and depending on the number of people in the group, these are transported in the same boat or bus.

If you do have luggage that is not going to be needed during your trip with us, you can ask your hotel clerk if they can save them for you. Generally they can, but if not, you can leave your luggage with us.

If you are to be dropped off at the airport at the end of your trip, we recommend to bring all your luggage with you. If by any happens you got some stuffs that are fragile and cannot be taken to the retreats and you are to be dropped at the airport, you can leave them with us and we will take them to the airport for you


jacket Waterproof

vest Cotton polo


Waterproof pants.

Leggins (for women).

Cotton socks.

Trekking shoes. Gloves

It is not advisable to wear shorts or skirts due to the mosquitoes that are in place. If you travel with children it is important to carry a baby loader and light clothes and warm clothes.

What to wear:
A s pair of  shoes, boots, or sneakers.
Long sleeve shirt
Long pants

What to bring:
Personal hygiene items
Daypack or small backpack
Rain coat

Mosquito repellent
Your own personal water container, to be refilled at any time. This way we can reduce the usage of plas


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capitan belgrano c-4 Street, punchana, iquitos.peru i  |  whatsapp: +51995648706

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