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 Days Amazon ayahuasca & Magic Jungle 2020

From 1350 USD

we pick you from the airport to head direct to the center to start this wonderful experience from what this univerce is providing to us to be healing and live in the way of light, loving this world and safe it 

sacred tree


we pick you up from the airport to take you down on the amazon where we are going to be around the magic jungle being able to see wild animals in their natural habitat around pacaya national reserve, matching direct to the kapitari retreat and experience the natural medicine that this univerce provide to us for healing and live in the way of light in this world.





Mar 6th- Mar 15th 2020 


Mar 13th- Mar 22th2020 


Mar 20rd- Mar 29th2020

Mar 27th- Apr 5th 2020  


Apr 3th- Apr 12th 2020 


Apr 10th- Apr 19th2020 


Apr 17th- Apr 26th2020 



May 1nd- May 10th2020

May 8th- May 17th2020

May 15th- May 24th 2020

May 22th- May 31th 2020

May 20th- May 31th 2020

May 29th- Jun 7th 2020

Jun 5th- Jun 14th 2020

Jun12th- Jun 21th 2020

Jun19th- Jun 28th 2020


Jun 26th- July 5th 2020

July 3th- July 12th 2020

July 10th- July 19th 2020

May17th- May 26th 2020

July 24th- Aug 2nd 2020

Aug 31st- Aug 9th 2020

Aug7th- Aug 16th 2020

Aug14th- Aug 23th 2020

Aug 21th- Aug 30th 2020

Aug 28th- Sept 6th 2020

Sept 4th- Sept 13th 2020


The World Travel Peru

The following is a list of equipment that should be considered in your packing list for your amazon ayahuasca and machu picchu expedition

All luggage, food and supplies are transported by our staff and depending on the number of people in the group, these are transported in the same boat or bus.

If you do have luggage that is not going to be needed during your trip with us, you can ask your hotel clerk if they can save them for you. Generally they can, but if not, you can leave your luggage with us.

If you are to be dropped off at the airport at the end of your trip, we recommend to bring all your luggage with you. If by any happens you got some stuffs that are fragile and cannot be taken to the retreats and you are to be dropped at the airport, you can leave them with us and we will take them to the airport for you


jacket Waterproof

vest Cotton polo


Waterproof pants.

Leggins (for women).

Cotton socks.

Trekking shoes. Gloves

It is not advisable to wear shorts or skirts due to the mosquitoes that are in place. If you travel with children it is important to carry a baby loader and light clothes and warm clothes.

What to wear:
A s pair of  shoes, boots, or sneakers.
Long sleeve shirt
Long pants

What to bring:
Personal hygiene items
Daypack or small backpack
Rain coat

Mosquito repellent
Your own personal water container, to be refilled at any time. This way we can reduce the usage of plas

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capitan belgrano c-4 Street, punchana, iquitos.peru i  |  whatsapp: +51995648706

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