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9 Days Amazon ayahuasca, Kambo And  NuNu experience 2020

From 1350 USD

we pick you from the airport to head direct to the center to start this wonderful experience from what this univerce is providing to us to be healing and live in the way of light, loving this world and safe it 

kambo - NuNu experience 


In addition to powerful analgesic effects, this medicine has anti-inflammatory power; it can heal infections and regulate blood pressure. Other potential uses include treatment of depression, migraine, blood circulation problems, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, cancer, and fertility problems in women, hepatitis, even AIDS.

This is a powerful medicine and should never be administered by anyone other than a highly skilled practitioner. On the day of treatment, patients are advised to have only a light juice breakfast and drink lots of water. The medicine is administered through small holes burned in the first two or three layers of the skin (typically be a series of small circles burned into the upper arm). The dried serum is mixed with water and a small amount is rubbed into each burn

Immediate effects include a stinging sensation and quickening of the carotid pulse. Patients may feel a flushing fever sensation in the arms and face, followed by weakness. Users should expect to vomit and experience stomach cramps. These effects subside within about 45 minutes, after which the patient should rest for the remainder of the day and enjoy a good night’s sleep

In the week after administration of Kambo, people should be able to reduce or even eliminate medications such as pain killers, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants used for chronic conditions, and no longer rely on narcotics. Side effects may include a few sweaty, restless nights. In sum, Kambo requires patients to endure about 45 minutes of discomfort in exchange for an extended period of painlessness during which the body can readjust with potentially permanent positive effects (i.e., end of chronic back pain, drug addiction). People with existing heart or cardio-vascular disease should consult with their physician before using Kambo.


Benefits on the energetic level:  It opens up the third eye and the heart chakras, making you feel instantaneous connection to all that is around you, including people, uplifting your mind and spirit.  Its also very grounding and calming at the same time, mostly due to tobacco content.  Another benefit in using Nunu is that it literally expels all the negative and low vibrations from your being, which are also referred to as the “bad spirits” in the shamanic traditions.  Your mind becomes clearer and sharper and you feel overall cleansed and purified

The use of Nunu: it gets snorted into your nostrils, one at a time, using special bamboo sticks, which are also made by our shaman himself.

Dosage: small to moderate, depending on the person.  Normally we start everyone off with a smaller dose, to see how they react to the medicine.  Some people are just fine with a little bit of Nunu, whereas others might need a double amount to feel the desired effect.  Since we will be administering Nunu twice (in one evening), you will have an opportunity to either ask for more, less, or the same amount during your second “shot”.  Please note that the dosage we administer at the centre is not even close to the full dose the Matses people would administer to each other.  A full Matses dose is very potent and can easily make the person purge.  We don’t go to such extremities, because one would require several years or practice with the medicine of Nunu to be able to stand such a dosage.  We give you just enough for you to connect with the medicine and experience its primary benefits.

Side effects:  even though the dosage will be relatively small/moderate, you might still feel a little bit nauseous, if you are a sensitive type of person.  Note that this doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes it occurs and on a rare occasion people can even purge from Nunu.  Don’t worry if this happens, it’s normal.  We will have buckets for you in the maloca to use.   From a shamanic perspective, it simply means that you needed a deeper cleanse, whether it be something physical, mental or emotional to release.  It won’t be as intense of a purge as the ones which often occur during the Ayahuasca session





Mar 7th- Mar 15th 2020


Mar 14th- Mar 22th2020 


Mar 19rd- Mar 29th2020

Mar 28th- Apr 5th 2020  


Apr 4th- Apr 12th 2020 


Apr 11th- Apr 19th2020 


Apr 18th- Apr 26th2020 


Apr 25th- May 3th2020




Mar 7th- Mar 15th 2020


Mar 14th- Mar 22th2020 


May 2th- May 10th2020

May 9nd- May 17th2020

May 16th- May 24th 2020

May 23th- May 31th 2020

Jun 30th- Jun 7th 2020

Jun 6th- Jun 14th 2020

Jun 13th- Jun 21th 2020


Jun 20th- Jun 28th 2020

Jun 27th- July 5th 2020

July 4th- July 12th 2020

July 11th- July 19th 2020

July 18th- July 26th 2020

May 25th- Aug 2nd 2020

Aug 1th- May 9th 2020

Aug 8th- May 16th 2020

Aug 15th- May 23th 2020

Recommendations: Make sure there is at least 30 minutes of time that passed by after you had the dinner, for food to digest in your stomach before the Nunu ceremony.  Bring your bottle of water with you and make sure to drink lots of it after you get your shot of Nunu, especially if you feel a bit hot in your body/head.  You can also rinse your face off with water in the bathroom, or even take a refreshing shower if you feel a bit uncomfortable.  Once again, it normally doesn’t get to such point with the dosage we give


The World Travel Peru

The following is a list of equipment that should be considered in your packing list for your amazon ayahuasca and machu picchu expedition

All luggage, food and supplies are transported by our staff and depending on the number of people in the group, these are transported in the same boat or bus.

If you do have luggage that is not going to be needed during your trip with us, you can ask your hotel clerk if they can save them for you. Generally they can, but if not, you can leave your luggage with us.

If you are to be dropped off at the airport at the end of your trip, we recommend to bring all your luggage with you. If by any happens you got some stuffs that are fragile and cannot be taken to the retreats and you are to be dropped at the airport, you can leave them with us and we will take them to the airport for you


jacket Waterproof

vest Cotton polo


Waterproof pants.

Leggins (for women).

Cotton socks.

Trekking shoes. Gloves

It is not advisable to wear shorts or skirts due to the mosquitoes that are in place. If you travel with children it is important to carry a baby loader and light clothes and warm clothes.

What to wear:
A s pair of  shoes, boots, or sneakers.
Long sleeve shirt
Long pants

What to bring:
Personal hygiene items
Daypack or small backpack
Rain coat

Mosquito repellent
Your own personal water container, to be refilled at any time. This way we can reduce the usage of plas

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