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All prices are in U.S. dollars or the exchange rate in nuevo sol  and are subject to change without notice. The rate of tourism programs is per person, based on a double occupacy, unless specified different conditions. The rates quoted in the list of hotels are per person.


Booking: You can book any of the programs we do have by making a deposit of the full of the total amount or a 70%. This upfront payment should be done via PayPal, or via Western Union. The 30% difference should be paid in cash before we start the trip.

Cancellations and Refunds: - Once you have booked any of our tours by paying full amount or the 70% upfront, you agree to be on time to start the tour, thus, we will not refund any trip that you may want to cancel for any reason.

the 50% of your upfront also if cancel the tour is going for keep helping others around the jungle: children, singles mathers and all people.

Peru Amazon Wild

Discounts for children.

Generally our programs are not recommendable for children under 10 years old, since the activities are sometimes little rough. However, we may accept children if parents accept that having them in the trip may cause delay or lose some activities. . Children from 5 to 10 years are charged 50% of adults and will have included normal service. Children over 10 pay the price for adults



If during the course of stay at the lodge or in the process of our any tours and its own decision to leave the tour passenger is not entitled to claim or refund. Also, if the client uses the transportation outside of the routine schedule already established, you are informed that the operation is an additional cost, having to assume the additional payment of the cost of extra transportation for your transfer back ($.170.00 )

If during the tour and his own decision to abandon the trip the passenger will not be entitled to claim or refund.

Baggage: We suggest to the client before starting our tour in the jungle, machu picchu and Yaku. if you have heavier luggage, bring the necessary according to the days to stay in the peru (personal backpacks)


Capitan Belgrano Mz c Lt 4 (punchana)

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