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Amazon Wild

peru amazon wild.jpg

Amazon experience 360 $ per person

3 days 2 nights | Yarapa Community Reserve

We very much enjoyed our trip, getting to see so many birds, animals and reptiles in just three days. My favorite experience was holding a baby sloth, but swimming with dolphins, seeing the monkeys, and eating exotic fruits from the trees as all great fun. The guides really made the trip -- they were knowledgeable, personable and good company. In just three days we felt like we had gotten away for a long time

wild life

Amazon Expedition 520$ per person

5 days 4 nights | Yarapa Community Reserve

The next days were absolutely stunning. We saw so many animals, like a baby sloth (one of the highlights), many spiders, pink river dolphins, an anaconda, monkeys & many more. Brian explained everything with such a passion, you could tell he really couldn't live without the jungle. Besides, his english is absolutely amazing, so we were able to ask all the questions that came to our mind.

Amazon anaconda                         4 days 3 nights |  Yarapa Community Reserve

Amazon anaconda 440$ person

4 days 3 nights | Yarapa Community Reserve

Among all the animals I wanted to see in the jungle, the jaguar was the one I badly wanted to see. Unfortunately it was not possible. Just saw the footprint of it. But we got to see an ocelot in a big tree. I think that was very exciting. It was eating something. Probably some kind of bird. 
This was really wild for us.

wild site.jpg

Magic Jungle 520$ person

4 days 3 nights | Pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Pucate river

An exquisite and unique jungle experience in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Large variety of wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

Day and night excursions to enjoy the amazon rainforest in the best way.

Amazonian Heart jungle wild 5 days 4 nights | acaya Samiria National Reserve | Pucate rivere

Amazonian Heart 660$ per person 

5 days4 nights| pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Pucate river

Great experience! We saw a lot of wild animals including dolphins, monkeys, a sloth, a python, and many eagles. Great service from this company. I would highly recommend this company. Just remember to bring your raincoat or rain jacket, rubber boots, head lamps, and lots of mosquito repellents.

The golden Paredise 7 days 6 nights | pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Pucate river  ​

The golden Paredise 750$ per person

7 days 6 nights |  pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Pucate river

Everything was perfect. From the moment we met our guides, we felt welcomed and knew it was going to be an a amazing trip! It truly was the best thing we did in Peru, even better than Maccu Picchu and all the other things we got to see. It was just on a different level. We saw monkeys, went camping in the jungle , saw river dolphins, went fishing, swam in the river, saw an anaconda, saw huge frogs and bugs and spiders, went caiman hunting at night, watched our guide  catch a caiman with his bare hands, AND, wait for it....HELD A BABY SLOTH. 

pink dolphin The mistic unique sweet river dolphin 6 days 5 nights | Pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Samiria river

pink dolphin 690$ per person

6 days 5 nights | Pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Samiria river

The Samiria river is one of the main basins of this National Reserve and is home to hundreds of species of birds, primates, fish, plants, insects, reptiles and anphibians. During our trip we will go on excursions to see the main species of animals in the area.


Monkey Lovers   750$ per person

7 days 6 nights | Pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Samiria river

God has richly blessed the Amazon rainforest with such biodiversity.

We want to get you into pristine jungle where nature will wrap you up with its purity and warmness.

Jaguar spirit get to the heart of the most beautiful jungle in peru 8 days 7 nights |   Pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Samiria river

Jaguar spirit   

8 days 7 nights | 800$ per person 

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve | Samiria river

The most complete trip into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
We will explore the area where several wildlife documentaries have been recorded. Not many people can reach this places.

VIP Tours, Experince a Day in Iquitos Full of Adventure.

Wildlife Day Tour_amazon_pink dolphin_Monkeys_sloth_boat_amazon spirit
peru amazon wild -iquitos

Wildlife Day Tour  10 hours | Outside Iquitos

The Yarapa Community Reserve is a well-protected area where will be able to see different animal species in their nature habitat. Today, we will visit this wonderful place and we are so sure you will enjoy a lot.

Amazon Tour    8 hours | Outside Iquitos

Navigating the Amazon River and knowing the surroundings of Iquitos was incredible. 

We all enjoyed this Day Tour with an excellent Guide who was very passioned about sharing his experience and answering all the questions we had.

Would I do it again? YES, OF COURSE!!!

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