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In the heart of the peruvian rainforest

hello i am kenyo jaramillo i was born in the heart of the Amazon, today in my city there are many centers of ayahuasca which sometimes you get confused by which to choose, for the cheapest, safe or the most expensive. the ayahuasca is a master plant that was founded by our ancentros which helped them make ceremonies to see the problens on the people and cure their different diseases.
Through my blood runs the lineage of great ayahuasca master.
Through them we got the different knowledge of our ancestors healing way and I was born in the tribes of the COCAMAS on July 1, 1991 I was born sick, very sick that many people said that was a matter of time my death I remembered very well at the age of 9 years old listened to the first ikaros of my great grandmother EMILIA who was a very small person where with her ikaros I felt that it penetrated in the deepest of my spirit and removed all the bad things from my body, being still very small I had many bad spirits that always put me down in bad condition
all night i was stunned by this bad spirit but it was that experience  with my great grandmom EMILIA JARAMILLO, one of the great mothers. who only healed because she felt to support other people, telling this and write it for everyone i did not look for it in google, is my vivid experience  with my ancestors that I could learned throughout my life.
my great always like organic food.
Now I have the knowledge to guide you to your best retreat where you will find what you are really looking for. i worked in some centers where I could experience many things, good and bad.
One of the questions I always hear from westarners that come here for healing or that are going to start working with plants for the first time is: why local people do not take much of medicine here there are many answers that you may have heard but the real reazon  is that we have a lot of respect for the  medicine which is the ayahuasca.
I hope to reach many people with this message and be able to help them find peace and a lot of light through the ayahuasca master plant.

now a Days people are not very sure where to go or which retreat attent for healing or any issues you have might have i am a local guy that can help you to choose or recommend you according to you, acording to my experience with my family knowledge. there are alot of center with good maestros(SHAMANS) I  can tell you about, or if you want to can to work yourself with locals shamans i am also an organized work with some really good known shamans around iquitos.

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