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get to expirience the yarapa river reserve in just one day where you be able to see many kind of animals in the thier natural habitad and get to know some communities where you also going to enjoying seeing how the villager are creating new projects with the animals protections  

The Yarapa River is located in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. The area is the subject of scientific research, as well as being a tourist destination.

The river is home to many crocodiles.


$200 Per Person

Based on a group of 2 people minimum

The Yarapa Community Reserve is a well-protected area where will be able to see different animal species in their nature habitat. Today, we will visit this wonderful place and we are so sure you will enjoy a lot.

We will start our journey in the morning (depending on the season, we can start at 6 or 7am) and have an almost 2hrs car ride, 100km approx. will take us to Nauta city, where a typical and comfortable boat will be waiting for us to go on this wonderful day tour. Once in the boat, we will navigate the Maranhon river and cross the Pacaya Samria National, the largest protected area in South America. Enormous chances to see different bird species, spot river dolphins and if lucky, we will see sloths hanging from the tree branches.

After 2hrs of boat ride, we will arrive to Puerto Miguel, a small riverside village that will show you the lifestyle of people from the amazon rainforest. Our guide will explain us about the village: history, organization and the economy.

This will be a good opportunity to visit someone house in order to see sloths that they may have at home as part of their family. You will be able to hold it and take pictures. If lucky, we are will also find some boa constrictors that they are used to have at home to keep the house clean from rats, mice or any other kind of rodents.

After our short and informative visit, we will head to the entrance of the Yarapa river where we expect to see gray and pink dolphins. If you want to, you can swim in this river.

We will have lunch while contemplating the nice scenario of the jungle. The sounds of the birds and splashes from the dolphins will allow of us to feel the power of nature.

The wildlife day tour is not over yet and we must continue… Our boat driver will take us further into the Yarapa river where we will see some species of monkeys that are used to be around this area. Woolly monkeys, monk saki, owl monkey and squirrel monkeys are the most common to see. We will also see different types of birds such as terns, herons, egrets, kingfishers, hawks, eagles, macaws and toucans.

There are some other activities to do, but have not time… we need to go back to Nauta and get our car back to Iquitos.

NOTE: Depending on the season, we will be back in Iquitos by 6pm

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